Saturday, September 25, 2010

New name in Glory and it's Corryn!!

There's another new life in our home today!!!

New life in this sweet girl!!

Corryn asked Jesus into her heart last night and David and I got to pray with her and  lead her to her Savior!!
Not only that, her sister who was saved earlier this year got to witness it! So Awesome!!

Here's the story!
The girls and I were getting into the van to go to a girl's spa night. As they were getting into their seats, Hollyn shows us a card she made for God. It said 'God is good'! with many hearts on it. She said she made it for God and didn't know how to get it to him. I told her if she gave it to someone God would get it because He would see it and would love for his children to have a giving heart! She then asked how would he know, and I told her God sees everything, and knows everything! He is everywhere and also in her heart since she asked him earlier this year!

Then Corryn just asks out of the blue, "I want to ask Him in my heart!

What an answer to prayer!! I had just been praying for her to get saved!!! Corryn has such a sweet heart, she actually told me about a year ago she asked Jesus into her heart but did it silently, plus she said she didn't really understand it all, so I told her when she is ready God will help her understand!

So I then start to ask Corryn some questions and show her some verses to make sure she understands, after a few minutes I felt she did. I called David to come down to the van, he came and we talked to her some more and she said she was ready to ask Jesus into her heart.

We started her off with
"Dear Heavenly Father..."
but she jumped right in "forgive me for sinning , Please come into my heart,  in Jesus name, Amen"....

She was so sincere and so sweet! She said Please!!!! How awesome it that!! she comes to the most High with a sincere heart and asks "please come into my heart!! and He does!!

Romans 10:13 For "everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved!"

What a mighty God we serve!