Sunday, January 20, 2013

Crazy Eight!

Crazy Eight! and what a delight!

Happy Birthday Corryn!

Eight years ago, we were blessed with another baby!

I am so amazed how such a young lady you are becoming! You are so smart, sweet, caring and crazy!
I love how you are always smiling! I love how resourceful you are! I love how you run from the room when you are watching a movie and hid when the main character is doing something dumb or in danger! (you get into all the movies you see...whether you have seen it a hundred times already)

I love how you keep trying especially in basketball, soccer, lego club and school plays!
I love how you still love the color pink!!

You make us laugh and smile so many times!

You are amazing! What a crazy delight you are!

Happy Birthday Corryn! We love you!

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val said...

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