Friday, November 6, 2009

God showing up!

I really want this blog to be real, I am not a good writer but I know God is real in my life and I want to share it with everyone.
David left monday for training but God showed up. Granted He is always with me but He showed me how much He cares for the little things in my life.
God showed up when Corryn got sick on tuesday, we thought she had the flu. Took her to the doctor, she tested negative but he still thought she had the flu due to her symptoms. Came home gave her medicine for fever then by seven, she along with her sister fall asleep on the couch. I called in to work to keep her home thinking she is going to be sick for days. Well after many people praying, she woke up on wednesday, NO FEVER, playing, eating, and laughing. What A GREAT GOD we serve!!!! God showed up.!!!
God showed up when I got a card from church today saying they are praying for me. Awesome! It is such an encouragement to hear that. Now I need to be sending someone that too. Because I just don't want to receive but to give also.
God showed up when Hollyn after waking up 6 nights in a row with bad dreams on the seventh night she still woke up but NO BAD DREAMS!!! What an awesome God.!!!!
God showed up when friends called, FB, or emailed me saying they are praying for me.
How can I ever pay them back. Lord, teach me to pray, to be a true friend.
God showed up when I thought I lost twenty dollars, I prayed that whoever finds it will be blessed by it, God showed up by allowing me to find it and blessed me and my girls with gift. God showed up. I was reminded this week by someone, we can not out give God!!!
Thank you God for showing up.!!!

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