Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Corryn!

Five years ago, our world changed again. We thought after struggling to have Hollyn that she was going to be our only child. But we were wrong and could not be any happier. God blessed us with a 8lb 15oz little girl.
We named her Corryn Rose Rummel. What a beautiful name, what a beautiful baby and that baby is you.
You stole my heart that day. You looked so much like your sister at birth, you two could have been twins at birth.
You are the SWEETEST baby. You give so much. Alway willing to share and always smiling!! You love to dance, sing, and play. You are fearless sometimes. You love to have and do anything your sister has or done. You love to sleep!!! I love that. You are such a blessing to us. You say the silliest stuff like today you asked me if animals have hearts that Jesus can come into?
You are always sharing your toys (mostly always) like the Christmas you asked for a pink lollipop. So we gave you two pink lollipops in your stocking and without thinking you said I got two lollipops here Hollyn you can have one. You do this all the time! It amazes me!
You love your sister, your daddy and your mommy. You love your stuff animals, your toys. You love to dress up, color, paint. You love to be held. You love your space. You love pink, you try to deny it but we all know your favorite color is PINK. You love awanas, you love learning your verses. You love preschool, you want so much to go to school with Hollyn. You love to cut anything including your hair but mostly paper. You love crafts just like your sister. You love to sing and I love to hear you sing!
We love you Corryn.
Happy Birthday!

For this Child I prayed... 1 sam 1:27

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