Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trees again!

While in Ms, we saw these Cypress trees, this is a picture of just one of a dozen Cypress trees transformed by the storm. They had not always looked like this. Even thought they were so damaged by Hurricane Katrina that the dead parts of the tree were sawed off with a chain saw to form this beautiful piece of art, they were still standing. They were very magnificent works of art and the artists that created them should feel proud.

I want this for me.

A week ago our lives changed! And we are under going a major change in our life.

But I firmly believe this change will be for the better, because of God.

I want to be transformed into something better that the artist (God) will be proud of.
I want Him to get the glory and praise for the work He created, my life.

WE will change, no doubt. Our life has changed. The storms will come some fierce and some mild. They are already here at times.

What will be my response, will I curl up and hibernate or dig deeper and stand?
Will I allow the artist (God) to create in me a new person, a new heart?
Will I allow the artist (God) to cut away the dead stuff, the sin I have?
Will I allow the artist (God) to saw away the dead branches in my life so I will be a beautiful work of art?

I can't curl up, I have to go on, there are two little girls counting on me. Plus I want to hear 'well done my good and faithful servant'.

So Yes I will dig deeper and stand. I will allow the pruning and I do know the pruning of the dead stuff is always painful. I have experience this recently already with my attitude and pride issues. But I am so thankful God didn't have to use a chain saw on me but He used His sweet words and gentle love to transform me into what He wants me to be! Thank you Lord. And at the end of this when God is glorified then it will be worth it. Praise Him.

Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Ps 51:10

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Kerri said...

Saw your blog on Kelly's page. My husband is in the army- I know how you feel! Hang in there!