Friday, January 6, 2012

Hollyn turns 9!!!

Happy Birthday Hollyn!

9 years old!! WOW!!!
where has the time gone!!!

I remember the morning of your birth, thinking I don't know if I am ready for this...funny I still think this about you growing up! LOL

I don't know if I am ready for you to be in double digits...we have just one more year.
I don't know if I am ready for you to stop playing with asked for a DS video game for your birthday.
  to me a big girl gift.

But you are a big girl.
You are a smart girl.
You are a beautiful girl.

You have such a sweet, tender heart. You are so loyal to your friends. This past year you came home from church upset that one of your best friends wasn't saved. You were so concerned for her and something happening to her before she got saved. So we prayed that she would understand God's word and within 2 months she asked Jesus into her heart!

You have a compassionate heart... If you are missing your father, you whisper it to me so your sister will not hear it and get upset. You get so upset when she gets hurt.

You have a courageous heart! You are in your second deployment and have faced it with strength and courage. I know it is so hard for you two but each day, I see you smile and pray and hope for the future. We all struggle through this sometimes but I know we all are going to make it through it.

You have an adventurous heart! I hope you never lose this! I hope you go through life trying new things and enjoying all the blessings God has given you. I was amazed that when we went to Dollywood this year, you rode big roller coasters, you rode a ride by your self flying 70 ft in the yourself!!! And YOU LOVED it!!!

Sweet girl who has some drama sometimes, Mama and Daddy love you with all our hearts!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

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