Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The book!

David and I received the recordable book "twas the night before Christmas" as a gift. It was given to him to record the book for the girls and let them listen to it, to hear his voice.

You would think easy thing to do! No not in our case!

You see, this is David's last week of seeing the girls, holding the girls, putting the girls to bed, just being with the girls for a whole year.

How do you record a book with that on your mind?

It was emotional!! Neither one of us could get through the book without crying. It was hard. I was crying for David, and for the girls!

I cannot image going a whole year without seeing face to face, or hugging, or touching my babies. It is beyond my thoughts.!

But God gave us strenght!!
David was able to finish it in about 3 takes followed by many tears and prayers.

I gave them the book on sunday after David left, I know Christmas is over but they needed to hear his voice.

Hollyn would not put the book down, she hugs the book and loves it so much!

We listened to it once or twice then the book stopped working!! I was so upset for them. But after praying and putting the book down for a day, it started working again. I don't how it happen or what was wrong with it but thankfully it is working now.

Just today, Hollyn has listened to it 10 times. She will not put it down, plus she carries a 8 X 10 picture of David around with her also.

I was watching her this evening when while she was listening to the book for the umpteenth time. On the last page, David says 'remember I love you both always and forever'. She opened and listened to that page five times before closing the book. I asked her with if she was ok? she said yes, I asked her if she is sad? she said yes with tears in her eyes.

oh Lord, I pray for her and Corryn tonight, that they will be comforted by their heavenly Father who loves them so much, put a hedge of protection over them, dry their tears, love them.
Father, give me a love for another book, your Word, may I never leave it, may I never go anywhere with your Word in my heart, may I never put it down, may I love it like no other because I know I will not be able to make it through this year with You!

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Julie@comehaveapeace said...

I will pray that with you, Joanna, and what a sweet and wonderful gift!